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Williams Lake Seniors Advisory Committee – CCRHD Update June 19, 2013 by CCRHD Chair John Massier

January/2013 – Director John Massier reappointed Chair of the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District and Director Margo Wagner appointed Vice-Chair which give the Board a balance of having the Chair from one Health Authority and the Vice Chair from the other Health Authority

February/2013 – Approved the request of the GR Baker Hospital Auxiliary to pay for $21,200 (40%) of a total $53,000 purchase of a portable ultrasound machine for the GR Baker Hospital under our “Foundation Partnership Grants” program

March/2013 – Approved the request of the 100 Mile House District hospice Palliative Care Society to pay for $5,809 (40%) of a total $14,523 for the purchase of an RIK pressure reduction mattress, oxygen concentrators and a portable PA system. We received a clean bill of health from our auditors on our financial statements showing reserves for future projects of over 22 million.

May/2013 – Approved spending of $322,300 in August of 2013 to retire an outstanding debt on the books of the Cariboo Regional Hospital District which will save taxpayers about $48,000 in interest payments and we also approved the spending of $ 1,400,294 in December of 2014 to retire an outstanding debt on the books of the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District which will save about $210,000 in interest payments.

We approved and additional request from Interior Health for $240,000 (40%) of a total $600,000 total budget to complete the Concept Plan for the Cariboo Memorial Hospital in Williams Lake. I have included an outline of a power point presentation they are scheduled to make at a special Board meeting of the CCRHD on June 26 starting at 6:00. The meeting will include a presentation from Northern Health on the new Master Plan for the GR Baker Hospital from 6:00 to 7:00 followed by the Interior Health presentation on the Cariboo Memorial Hospital Concept Plan.

June/2013 – We received a letter from Interior Health recognizing in part the capital funding discrepancies between Interior Health and Northern Health in our region. In their letter they spoke about their “prioritization” of Cariboo Memorial Hospital as an opportunity to balance the differences.

Deni House updates – Our Board was approached this past December by Interior Health about funds remaining from the budget we approved for the re-opening of Deni House which was 100% funded by the CCRHD. We agree to allow the remaining funds to be allocated towards further improvements. I received the following update from IH this week.

The scope, in order of priority:

  1. Door Security Upgrades (exit doors on Level 2 upgraded to carda access)
  2. Video Intercom System (intercom at Level 1 entry connecting to Level 2 Nrs Stn for after hours entry)
  3. Patio Door & Security Upgrades (patio door upgrade with card access and auto opener) 
  4. Upgrades to Bathing Rooms (general upgrade of the spaces)
  5. Common Area Upgrades
  6. Chapel Upgrades

At the time of award, the budget could not accommodate the Chapel Upgrades.

There are a few accessories yet to be purchased to finish up the Bathing Room and Common Areas but it may be that there will be some funds remaining in the budget (we had few surprises so did not have to tap into the construction contingency much) to turn back to the RHD. I believe that the recreation group has fundraised to enhance the patio furniture there.

Our Project Manager is visiting Denny House to check on progress this week & I have asked her to estimate what would be needed for the Chapel upgrade and/or what could be done to improve it with remaining funds if they do in fact materialize.

John Massier, Chair

Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District